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What the results tell us for Snowy River Shire

Changes to the listed heritage estate for Snowy River Shire over the past four years show that:

Two places have been added to the National Heritage List (Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves and the Snowy Mountains Scheme),

One place has been added to the NSW Heritage Register (Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene, including relics and moveable objects, Eucumbene ), and

Two places have been removed from the Section 170 heritage list of New South Wales (NSW) Government departments and agencies (Kiandra Courthouse and chalet and Matthews Cottage, Kiandra)

Details of listed places

There are 22 places in the Snowy River Shire listed on Commonwealth heritage lists. Twenty places are entered in the Register of the National Estate (RNE) and two are on the National Heritage List.

Places listed on the Register of the National Estate

Kosciuszko National Park (1981 boundary) Snowy Mountains Hwy Tumut

Kosciuszko Alpine Area Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne, Jindabyne

Berridale Public School Oliver St Berridale

Kiandra Mining Area Snowy Mountains Hwy Kiandra

Eucumbene Dam and Pondage Eucumbene

Snowy Mountains Scheme Snowy Mountains Hwy Cabramurra

Byadbo Wilderness Jindabyne

Illawong Lodge Guthega

Buckleys Crossing Bridge Paupong Rd Dalgety

Mount Kosciuszko Glaciated Area Summit Rd Charlottes Pass

Thredbo Village Conservation Area The Alpine Way Rd Thredbo

Four Mile Hut Kiandra Road Cabramurra

Kiandra Courthouse/Chalet Snowy mountains Highway Kiandra

Scotchies Yards The Barry Way Jindabyne

Seamans Hut Charlottes Pass

Cootapatamba Hut Thredbo

Grey Mare Hut and Mining Precinct Grey Mare Fire Trail Khancoban

Daveys Hut Eucumbene

Upper Murrumbidgee River Canberra

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Places listed on the National Heritage List

Two places are listed on the National Heritage List:

The Snowy Mountains Scheme

The Australian Alps National Parks and Reserves, a section of which is situated within the Snowy River Shire.

Places listed on the NSW Heritage Register

Three places are listed on the NSW Heritage Register:

Kiandra Courthouse/Chalet, Kiandra, Kosciuszko National Park

Matthews Cottage, Kiandra, Kosciuszko National Park

Old Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene, including relics and moveable objects, Eucumbene

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Heritage places listed on the local environmental plan

There are 191 places listed under the Snowy River Shire Council Local Environmental Plan (LEP):

Adaminaby Chiropractor, Denison Street, Adaminaby

Adaminaby Court House (former), Denison Street, Old Adaminaby

Adaminaby Memorial Hall, York Street, Adaminaby

Adaminaby Methodist Church, Adaminaby

Adaminaby Police Station, York Street, Adaminaby

Adaminaby Public School, Adaminaby

Adaminaby Racecourse, Adaminaby

Adaminaby Shopping Centre, Adaminaby

All Saints Anglican Church, Myack Street, Berridale

Alloura, Eucumbene

Ashburton, 23 Druitt Street, Adaminaby

Avonside, Berridale

Bakery, Berridale

Ballantrae House, Myack Street, Berridale

Bark Hut, The, Tin Mine Track, Ingebyra

Berridale Inn, Berridale

Berridale Police Station and Residence, Hosking Street, Berridale

Berridale Public School, Berridale

Big Trout, Adaminaby

Bobundara, Cooma

Bocconnoc, Adaminaby

Bolaira View, Middlingbank Road, Dry Plains

Bolaira View Outrider Cottage, Adaminaby

Bolaro Shearing Area, Adaminaby

Boloco (1),Dalgety

Boloco (2), Dalgety

Boloco Cemetery, Dalgety

Boloco South

Boonara, Berridale

Bridge 1 over Numbla Creek, Lucernedale

Bridge 2 over Numbla Creek, Matong

Buckleys Crossing Hotel, Dalgety

Buckleys Lake, Dalgety

Bulmanns Hut, Eucumbene

Bus Shed, Dalgety

Bush Hall, Berridale

CBC Bank (former), Adaminaby

Cemetery - Christ Church Maneroo, Myalla Road, Cooma

Cherry Tree, Berridale

Christ Church Maneroo, Myalla Road, Cooma

Cols Classic Cars, Jindabyne Road, Berridale

Coolamatong Homestead, Berridale

Coolringdon, Cooma West

Coolringdon Chalet, Eucumbene

Cottage, Berridale

Council Chambers, Berridale

Cultural Streetscape, Jindabyne Road, Berridale

CWA Hall, Myack Street, Berridale

Dalgety Bridge, Dalgety

Dalgety General Store, Dalgety

Dalgety Memorial Hall, Dalgety

Dalgety Public School, Dalgety

Dalgety Showground, Dalgety

Denison Cottage, Old Adaminaby

Denison Street Cultural Landscape, Denison Street, Adaminaby

Dry Cleaners (former), 1-3 Park Street, Berridale

Emohruo, Dalgety

Fairview, Brierly Street, Dalgety

Fairview, Adaminaby

Fontenoy, Adaminaby

Gabramatta, Adaminaby

Garnet, The, Kiah Lake Road, Berridale

Gegedzerick Cemetery, Gegedzerick Street, Berridale

Glen Miln, Jindabyne

Glenrock Homestead, Jindabyne

Golden Fleece Service Station, Dalgety

Grave and Hut, Tin Mine Track, Ingebirah

Happy Valley, Adaminaby

Hazeldean Homestead, via Cooma

Hazelwood, Adaminaby

Heatherbrae, Adaminaby

Hilltop, Jindabyne

Hotel (former), Campbell Street, Dalgety

House, Dalgety

House, Hamilton Street, Dalgety

House, Hamilton Street, Dalgety

House, Hamilton Street, Dalgety

House, Campbell Street, Dalgety

House, Campbell Street, Dalgety

House, Campbell Street, Dalgety

House, Barnes Street, Dalgety

House, Campbell Street, Dalgety

House, Barnes Street, Dalgety

House, Barnes Street, Dalgety

House, Crackenback

House, 10 Myack Street, Berridale,

House, Berridale

House, Myack Street, Berridale

House, Berridale

House, Creek Street, Berridale

House, James Street, Berridale

House, Mackay Street, Berridale

House, 16 Florence Street, Berridale

House, 32 Mary Street, Berridale

House, 46 Jindabyne Road, Berridale

House, 48 Jindabyne Road, Berridale

House,38 Jindabyne Road, Berridale

House, 3 Park Street, Berridale

House, Kiah Lake Road, Berridale

House, Baker Street, Adaminaby

House, 8 Druitt Street, Adaminaby

House, 9 Druitt Street, Adaminaby

House, 11 Druitt Street, Adaminaby

House, 10 Cosgrove Street, Adaminaby

House, York Street, Adaminaby

House, York Street, Adaminaby

House, The, Barry Way, Moonbah

Ironmungie, Matong

Jimenbuen Homestead, Dalgety

Jimenbuen Station, Dalgety

Jimmys Hut, Eucumbene

Jindabyne Cemetery, Barry Way, Jindabyne

Jindabyne Foreshore Park, Jindabyne

Kara, Berridale

Kelton Plain, Cooma

Keval, 4 Druitt Street, Adaminaby

Kiah Lake Homestead, Berridale

Kiah Lodge, Stoney Creek Road, Berridale

Koolaroo, Myalla Road, Cooma

Lakeview, Dalgety

Lakeview, Matong Road, Dalgety

Lawarra, Cooma

Leesville Hotel, Barry Ways, Jindabyne

Lined Avenue, Dalgety Bridge (near), Dalgety

Little Plain, Dalgety

Mandalong, Cooma


Memorial Hall, Thredbo Terrace, Jindabyne

Milestones Collection, Kosciusko Road, Berridale

Milroy, Adaminaby

Mine Ruins, Ingebyrah

Miners Hut, Tin Mine Track, Ingebyra

Moonbah, Barry Way, Jindabyne

Mt Gilead, Belocco

Murlingbung, Middlingbank Road, Berridale

Murlingbung Cottage, Middlingbank Road, Berridale

Murlingbung Flour Mill Site, Murlingbung,

Murranumbla, Dalgety

Myalla, Myalla Road, The Brothers

Neriwa, Eucumbene

New Chapel Creek Bridge, Dalgety

Nimmo Bridge, Eucumbene River, Nimmo Plain

Nioka, Cooma

Numbla Vale

Oakvale, Dalgety Road, Berridale

Old Adaminaby Cemetery, Old Adaminaby

Old Chapel Creek Bridge, Dalgety

Old Oliver House (The), Bent Street, Berridale

Old Parsonage, The, Berridale

Our Daily Bread, William Street, Berridale

Our Lady Star of the Sea, Dalgety

Outstation on Hazeldean, via Cooma

Park, The, Ingebyra Road , Jindabyne

Past Times Hotel, Cooma

Picture Theatre (former), Jindabyne Road, Berridale

Pleasant View, Lake Jillamaolong, Jindabyne

Police Station (former), Dalgety

Polygon, Adaminaby

Post Office (former), Myack Street, Berridale

Public School, Rainbow Street, Old Adaminaby

Ravensworth, Cooma

Rockwell, Rockwell Road, Dalgety

Rural Buildings, Campbell Street, Dalgety

Schoolhouse, Numbla Vale

Severn Park, Dalgety

Snowy Mountains Highway, Adaminaby

Springwell, Cooma

St Andrews Anglican Church, Jindabyne

St Andrews Uniting Church, Gippsland Street, Jindabyne

St Columbkilles Church and Hall, Jindabyne

St James Anglican Boloco Church, Dalgety

St James Anglican Church, Dalgety

St Johns Anglican Church, 13 Stoke Street, Adaminaby

St Josephs Catholic Church, Mary Street, Berridale

St Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Gegedzerick Street, Berridale

St Marys Catholic Church, Adaminaby

St Peters Anglican Church, Dalgety

St Stephens Uniting Church, Florence Street, Berridale

St Thomas Anglican Church, Berridale

St Thomas Church, Barry Way, Mowamba

Stone House (The), Barry Way, Ingebyra

Stratford, Berridale

Strzelecki Monument, Lake Jindabybe, Jindabyne

Sunnyside, Berridale

Tallawa, Dalgety

Uniting Church, Stoke Street, Adaminaby

Uniting Church Alpine Parish, Berridale

War Memorial and Reserve, Jindabyne Road, Berridale

Willow Grove, Cooma

Wollondibby Cottage, Alpine Way, Jindabyne

Wullwye, Berridale

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Current condition of known heritage places

No information is available on the condition of heritage sites during the reporting period and little information on condition prior to the reporting period either. The condition of many sites has not been updated since they were listed on the Register of the National Estate.

Resources for heritage identification and management

  • The Snowy River Shire Council has published a heritage brochure that is freely available at Council offices. The brochure explains the qualities which contribute to heritage significance, the benefits to owners of heritage places and dispels some of the myths regarding listing on the heritage schedule.
  • In 2008-09 the Snowy River Shire Council entered its eleventh year with a heritage advisory service. All planners are now aware of the importance of considering heritage issues as part of the development application process as well as informing owners of the heritage incentives in the LEP which could assist their project.
  • Council provides a comprehensive heritage advisory service. Through the heritage advisor, owners of heritage sites are able to access free heritage advice. This has been found to greatly assist in ensuring development that maintains and complements the heritage values of a site.
  • A Heritage Advisory Committee has been established to address heritage management in the Snowy River Shire. The heritage committee provides advice to council on the funding of new heritage projects and promotes heritage conservation in the community.
  • Council has a very extensive and well established local heritage fund that is well utilised by the community. The fund has operated for many years and the relatively small amount of assistance provided generates expenditure on the conservation of heritage items that is far greater than the initial outlay. The flow on benefit of the incentive fund is clear. The total value of heritage projects funded in 2006-07 was $91,227 with $16,400 contributed by local heritage fund and $74,827 contributed by local heritage owners.

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